The railway is located in Budapest in the Buda side forest area. Most of our stations are easy to access by public transportation from Széll Kálmán tér metro station and from Déli pályaudvar central station. There are many sights nearby our stations (Erzsébet lookout tower, Normafa, Chairlift, Cogwheel Railway, forest playgrounds, Budakeszi ZOO, sledding places during winter, stb). We do not recommend to visit us by car, the only P+R is next to Hűvösvölgy station (parking is NOT free).

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Gyermekvasút térkép


The Children’s Railway Museum introduces the past and present of the former Pioneers’ Railway and the Children’s Railway.
The story of the railway line and the children’s community is shown in the forms of archive photos and documents as well as relics. Visitors can get a glimpse of the difficult job faced by the constructors, the commitment and enthusiasm of young participants throughout the decades and the technical development that has taken place.


Various events are held at Children’s Railway, Budapest during the course of the year. In early December, Santa Claus trains run and some carriages have Christmas decorations during Advent. In spring and summer we organize hikes, and we have programs and concerts on Children’s day. Halloween express departs in autumn.