Two carriages of the Children’s Railway await their passengers in an advent decorations

Advent carriages run from December 6 to January 8. A Christmas corner was also set up at Széchenyihegy station to make the minutes of waiting before the trip more cosy.

The Children’s Railway train shining in Christmas lights runs every day until Christmas*.

  • It departs from Hűvösvölgy station: at 9:10, 11:10, 13:10 and 15:10
  • It departs from Széchenyihegy station: at 10:03, 12:03, 14:03 and 16:03.

On the following days, the passenger train departing from Hűvösvölgy station at 16:10 and from Széchenyihegy station at 17:03 will run with holiday lights and decorations (pre-booking is not possible):

  • 30TH DECEMBER, 2022
  • 31ST DECEMBER, 2022
  • 3RD JANUARY, 2023
  • 6TH JANUARY, 2023
  • 8TH JANUARY, 2023

Address of Hűvösvölgy station, with which you can use GoogleMaps navigation: 1021 Budapest, Hűvösvölgy, Gyermekvasúthoz vezető út 5

Schedule is avaiable here:

*Out of service 19th December, 2022, shortened schedule 24th December, 2022.